About Lorenzo Carcaterra

My name is Lorenzo Carcaterra. I grew up in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, but I spent every summer visiting family in Italy. I have an English bulldog named Gus.

I am a best-selling crime author of the books Sleepers, Midnight Angels, Gangster, and more. My most recent novel is The Wolf, which is the first book in a trilogy. (I’m writing the second as we speak.) I’ve written several novels, screenplays and television shows. I know plenty of criminals, but I have never committed any crimes. (None that I’ll admit to, anyway.) I am Italian, so I have a lot of very strong opinions on food and wine. My favorite restaurant is in Long Island City, Queens.

You can find me online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My author website is here (but it needs an update) and of course, you’ve found my blog.